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How to channel the effortless sporty chic aesthetic with 5 styling tips - PART 1

How to channel the effortless sporty chic aesthetic with 5 styling tips - PART 1

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If you’ve been endlessly scrolling through TikTok or pinning lookbooks on Pinterest for sporty chic outfit inspos, we’ll save you some time because we got it all here. We dress to not impress others, but to exude confidence wherever we go - from work to workouts, or brunch to coffee dates.

We’ll be honest and say it’s not rocket science, but it does take a little bit of creativity. We’re all about taking what we have in our current wardrobe, and adding complimentary pieces as we see fit. Good thing we’re versatile!

Let’s start with matching sets.


Pair your matching Harper Set in Brown with slouchy socks and your go-to sporty sneakers. The brown duo will make your outfit look modern and minimalist, while your socks and sneakers add texture.


Okay, here’s where it gets real good and effortless. Got a meeting right after your golf practice? Throw on a black oversized blazer and sunglasses to show that you mean business, and add fun, bold accessories to spice up details. No need for a purse if you’re just running to your appointment with keys and your phone in hand. That’s what pockets are for, and our Harper Skort’s got one at the back. We live for outfits that can get us through multiple events in a day, and don’t need an actual outfit switch. It’s almost too good to be true, but it’s true.


We like to call this outfit “living in a cloud” because it’s what it looks and feels like. Imagine this, it’s mid-day and you just finished a hardcore pilates class and you’re about to go meet your friends for lunch. You’re wearing your favourite matching set, our Bov Active Harper Set in Cream. The workout might’ve been sweatworthy, but because the set is conveniently made of sweat-wicking fabric, you easily pull over your softest crewneck sweater, slip into your classic Ugg slippers, and decide to get extra steps in before a rewarding meal. It’ll be hard not to constantly hug yourself. From the buttery softness of your Harper top and skorts, to the plushness of your sweater and shoes. You’re living in a cloud.


This was a PART 1 of styling tips and inspos on how to easily create sporty chic style that makes you look put together and sophisticated while balancing a busy life. Tag @bovactive in your fit checks, we would love to see your effortless and sporty chic style - Stay tuned for PART 2!

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