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Complete guide to your first round of golf: What to bring

Complete guide to your first round of golf: What to bring

Summer is just around the corner and we all know what that means - it is official GOLF SEASON! And bov active is here to start this year's golf season with you.
Golf is a stylish sport and you could feel overwhelmed when you're preparing for your first round of golf. Use this post as a checklist for essential things to bring, bov active wants to be part of your exciting preparation!

Golf clubs

    You cannot forget to bring your golf clubs. Do a quick check to make sure you are not leaving any essential clubs behind. Normally a driver, wood, 2 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge and a putter should suffice if you're a beginner.

    Golf balls & markers

      It is common to lose your balls especially in the woods, hazards, or just anywhere! Bring enough balls so that you don't run out of them. If you are a beginner, you could consider buying lost balls also known as used balls.
      Ball markers are used for marking your ball on the green. If you don't have a ball marker, you could use a coin or anything that is circular or flat.


        You will need tees when you are hitting from the tee box NOT on the fairway. Most golf clubs provide complimentary tees, so don't panic if you forgot to bring them! Just ask and grab them.

        Bov Active outfit

          Golf is fashion's new favourite sport. What to wear is something you would probably think about the most when you are preparing. Make sure you go full on bov, because your outfit game will definitely be on point! Even if you score does not turn out as expected which is totally normal, at least you will look good.

          Pouch / Small bag

            Small bag or a pouch is used to store your valuables and golf accessories. You could put tees, balls, ball marker, wallet, car key, phone and etc. to keep them safe at all times on the cart and also in the clubhouse. If you don’t keep your stuff organized on the cart, it could get easily lost.


              Wearing Bov Active’s sun visor or a ball cap is essential for golf. Our hats are perfectly designed for outdoor sports as they have long and wide visors to protect your vision and skin from direct sunlight. Also they are made with sportswear fabric and include sweatband inside.


                  As golf is an outdoor sport, you have to constantly apply sunscreen thoroughly to avoid getting sunburns. Have you seen terrible golf tans before? Trust us, you would want to put sunscreen on after seeing them.


                    If you are playing in the morning or during the daytime, bring your sunglasses as it could get too bright to swing or even see where your ball goes.

                    Range finder

                      Range finder is used for measuring the distance. There are different options like distance measuring apps that uses GPS on your phone or sports watches.

                      Umbrella / Rain jacket

                        We recommend you to keep an umbrella or a rain jacket in your golf bag in case of unexpected rain during your round.
                        There are many more things you could bring including energy bars, golf ball towels, golf club cleaner, and many more.

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                        Tag #roundwithbov - we would like to know what YOU bring other than the ones we shared and would like to be part of your fun golf rounds.
                        We will come back with part 2 - basic etiquettes that every golfer should know. Join our Bov Active community and receive our latest updates and exclusive offers!

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