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13 Golf Etiquette Tips For Beginners

13 Golf Etiquette Tips For Beginners

If you are planning on going on your first round of golf, this is a MUST read for you.

Golf has many rules and etiquettes, which can be intimidating when you are starting out. With our guide, learn the golf “basics” so you can play worry-free and have a great time whether you are playing with friends, family or pairing up.

1. The dress code

Check the course dress code before you go!

Some courses have very strict dress codes, such as no hoodies, no t-shirts, must wear hats, etc. At Bov Active, we understood the assignment, shop our clothings and accessories so you can look stylish while dressed properly for the course! 

Also, read our previous blog on what to bring for your round. 

2. Be punctual

Leave early to arrive at least 30 minutes before the tee time!

There might be traffic and it takes time to park, load/unload your golf clubs, check in, get your golf cart, set up, etc. Make sure you have enough time for everything instead of being rushed.

If you want to warm up, check in advance whether the course has a driving range. They usually have a discounted rate for those who booked a tee time. Remember, warm up is to warm up - do not use all your energy with practice!

3. Watch the swing

Before you swing your club, check to see there is NO ONE near you in harm’s way. Also, for your own safety do not stand too close to anyone who is about to swing their club.

4. Be quiet on the tee and green

When someone is up for a tee shot or putting on the green, others in the team should be quiet to allow the golfer to focus on their shot. Even if the gossip is juicy or tea is hot and spicy, pause your conversation when someone is up for their tee shot or putt.

5. Keep the pace of play

Be mindful of your pace of play as there will be other teams coming up behind yours on the course. Typically, tee times are 7 to 10 minutes apart and slow play by one team will delay all teams behind them. We recommend not spending more than 3 minutes looking for your ball in the rough or hazards and once you find your ball, aim to spend approximately 30-40 second to hit each shot. When you are on the tee box, we recommend no more than 2 practice swings before you hit.

6. Order of hitting

For the first shot of each hole (a.k.a. the tee shot), the order of hitting should descend from the score leader down. The exception is the first hole where your team should choose the order since there is no score.

For every shot after the tee shot, the order of hitting should descend from whoever has the ball furthest from the pin to the closest.

7. Rake the bunkers after play

It is time for you to enjoy some beach time when your ball lands in the bunker. When you get to the bunker, you will notice there is a rake in or nearby the bunker.

It is not the easiest to hit the ball out of the bunker, but once your ball is out and beach time is over, you should rake the bunker to erase where you stepped and hit your ball.

8. Repair your divot

It is totally normal to divot the fairway when you hit your ball. Just remember to bring that big chunk of grass back and place it over the divot of dirt where you hit.

9. Stay on the cart path as much as possible

Never bring carts on the green. When you approach the green, there will usually be signs directing carts to the cart path. Some courses will have specific rules and and let you know about their cart policies before you start.

10. "FORE!"

Balls don’t always go to the direction you aim.

If you hear “fore!” duck and cover as a ball may be flying in your direction!

Similarly, if your ball is going the wrong way and looks like it might land another person on the course, yell “fore!” to warn them. Of course, if you think the group playing ahead of your team is too close, to prevent a close call you should wait to hit your ball until you think it is safe to hit.

11. Do not move around your ball

Your ball could land in tricky spots or even be lost forever. Let your team know that you will be using a new ball or moving your ball from a tricky spot if you want to.

12. Mark your ball on the green

From our previous blog, you will have remembered to bring a ball marker. Once your ball has made it on the green, you should mark your ball by placing your ball marker behind the ball when facing the pin and remove your ball. This is to prevent your ball from getting in the way or being hit by your team member’s ball before it is your turn to putt.

13. Do not step on the line

A line is the path between a ball and the hole on the green. When you are walking on the green, avoid stepping on a line and disrupting another player’s ball path to the hole. Go around the long way if you have to!

You are now set to go for a round of golf! Make sure you read this and understand the course specific rules before you go so that you can just enjoy golf when you are out there!

Thanks for reading and we would love to see where you golf this summer! Tag @bovactive in your post and share your experience with us!

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